Abbey National Karting Club


The Abbey National Karting Club was formed on 28th August 1996 by a number of employees working at the Abbey National Data Centres in Milton Keynes. The main aim of the club is to enable us and our colleagues to enjoy the excitement of kart racing at a reasonable cost and at regular and frequent intervals. Because we are interested in maximising the amount of time spent on the track racing, while at the same time minimising the cost, we tend to be more interested in endurance type events than sprints, but we do also take part in sprint events.

The main activity of the club centres around a series of races at our local track, Daytona International, in Milton Keynes. We also utilise a number of other circuits for club events, and enter as teams or individuals for open races at a variety of venues. Club parties have visited tracks from Kent to Cornwall and Scotland, and as far away as Dubai. Club members have taken part in events ranging from short indoor sprint meetings all the way up to outdoor 24-hour endurance races.

We welcome drivers of all skill levels. We actively encourage newcomers to the sport, providing them with whatever advice and encouragement we can and helping them to improve. We used to run our regular club races using a handicap system so that anyone could stand a chance of winning a trophy. We no longer do this as, with continually changing karts and track layouts, and an increasingly rapid membership turnover it became too difficult to accumulate sufficiently meaningful data on which to base the handicaps.

At one time the club received an annual grant from the Abbey National Sports & Social Club, and membership of the club was restricted to employees of Abbey National. The club is now fully funded by the membership and entry fees, and membership has therefore been opened up to anyone who satisfies the club committee that they meet the sporting requirements.